The Flip Cart stores and serves up two bench tools in the space of one.

We design and handcraft wood workshop furniture

Get a more functional workshop with mobile tool stands and custom-built tables for outfeed, router, assembly and more!

Welcome to Workshop Table & Stand!

Workshop Table & Stand is a local business in the greater Boston, MA, area. Our products are ideal for table saws, miter saws, bench grinders, planers, sanding tools, air compressors, benchtop drill presses, benchtop bandsaws, router tables and much more. We also make cabinets, outfeed tables, sheet-cutting tables, assembly tables, router tables, miter saw tables, MFTs,  tool and wood storage solutions and more.

Our tables, tool stands, and carts come with locking wheels that lock both the swivel and wheel. They stay put! Our products are primarily constructed of dimensional lumber, which is jointed and planed, along with hand-selected and sanded plywood. Hardwoods are available on request.

Your stand can be unfinished, polycoated, painted, or stained (pricing varies). They are rated to 250 lbs. or more. Choose from our selection of in-stock units or specify the height, dimensions, features and finish you need. We'll work with you.  

Our business is conducted face-to-face, payment in cash. We use email to arrange appointments. We'll help you carry it out to your car or truck, but there's no delivery or shipping service. Our items are too large and heavy to ship economically. We are not happy with this limitation, but have been unable to figure out a way around it, so far.

About Us

Woodworking Passion


I'm just a guy with woodworking skills and a passion for the craft.  What you get as a return on your investment is something built by hand, fussed over, and, if you choose a custom option, created to your exact specifications.  Any product you buy from me will stand up to the heavy tools you use it with. It will last. Above all, it will be highly useful.

Go/No-Go? It's up to You


Our tool stands come with locking wheels that lock both the swivel and wheel. So when you lock your tool stand in position, it stays put! Many customizing options are available, and some can be retrofitted to in-stock items. If you're interested, we can send a document that lists options and pricing.

Support Artisans


Buy something unique and mobilize and organize your workshop. Park your power-tool stands on the periphery and roll them front and center when you need them. It's great to feel good about a purchase!

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